Walid's Story

In 2004, eight-year-old Walid Khalfallah of Kelowna, BC was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition.

Walid’s family always believed in Canada’s public health care system, and trusted that Walid would get the care he needed.

But he spent two and a half years on waiting lists. While he waited, the curvature of his spine got worse and worse, and his health deteriorated.

When Walid’s health couldn’t wait any longer, his family went outside the public health care system to get him the care he needed.

But help came too late, and Walid ended up paralyzed.

Canada is the only developed country where this could happen to a child. In BC, it is illegal to go outside the public medical system to get timely treatment and help, unless you leave the province. Together with our patient plaintiffs, the Canadian Constitution Foundation is going to court to challenge this unjust, health-destroying law.

Walid’s health couldn’t wait—and neither can yours.